Samsung Galaxy S10 5G SPEED TEST!

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G SPEED TEST!


I just got back from Chicago had a few amazing days there I cannot wait to visit that city again and while I was there I was able to shoot my one-month experience with the samsung galaxy s 10 5g and what it’s like to use that phone on a day-to-day basis more like a

Real-world test so if you’re interested in picking that phone up you definitely need to watch it and while I was there I was able to test out 5g for a couple of days and I was so impressed with it that I wanted to make a separate experience

Video on what it was like to use 5g I was able to test it out on the verizon network but all major carriers should be launching 5g sometime this year so if it’s coming to your city I want to give you a glimpse of how this is gonna

Change the way you use your phone before I show you some tests I feel like a breakdown of 5g is necessary there are two types of 5g that you will see coming to a city near you they will both work together to make a seamless experience

But the one I got to test was the high band millimeter wave transmitted by nodes like these all throughout the city the spectrums bandwidth is incredibly high and it’s meant to give you super fast directional data very precise

Beaming directly to your phone but signal can be easily blocked by light poles trees and other obstacles so having multiple nodes will be key so you can adaptively change between beams while you’re walking the second will be

Sub 6 gigahertz bands so to explain it easily it’ll be like a boost upgrade to existing towers to increase speeds and bandwidth and coverage so this is how I’m most likely to see 5g in my area because I don’t live in high-traffic

Cities like New York City LA or Chicago but in theory this is really smart if you think about it if everyone outside is consuming all of this data on the high band millimeter-wave then this frees up bandwidth inside for

Existing networks alleviating congestion so the speeds inside get better as well so both of these working together should make the experience better overall firing up speed tests and testing these network speeds throughout the city just

Mind-boggling I almost saw two gigabits per second down at one point which is just insane this is faster than most people’s fiber connections at home I am an AT&T subscriber that is who I use and that

5ge is not real 5g I have that icon here on my iPhone so don’t be fooled you can see how fast real 5g speeds are in comparison to it I also ran a speed test against 4G LTE so you can see the

Difference here which is already pretty fast in my opinion but 5g just blows it away here it’s almost four times as fast on download which is a game-changer if you don’t care about technology don’t understand it or that’s just not your

Thing that’s okay I’m gonna give you some real-world examples of what it’s like it wouldn’t be fair if I just found the fastest node and did all my tests there so I moved all throughout the city speeds varied from 500 megabits per

Second down to almost 2 gigabits per second so it did vary but here’s how it will make a major difference so faster download speeds for big games like fortnight downloading full episodes of stranger things in about 5 seconds or so

You could download an entire season quick before you hop on that plane to binge-watch and some apps like Spotify I don’t think are fully optimized yet or any of these apps are really fully optimized but this is an entire album in

Extreme quality downloading and it took about 20 seconds or so but that’s nothing to be angry about that’s for sure Amazon Prime video lets you download high quality content in full seasons so

For example if you wanted to catch up on boss just download the entire season look at how fast those episodes are downloading this will significantly cut down on time spent waiting for downloads to happen even though millimeter-wave

Can be fickle with windows and inside buildings I was actually able to get 5g in the Starbucks next to the window if you love watching content on YouTube look at this zero low times an instant 4k resolution this is just a dream so

Low latency and fast speeds is what you can expect from 5g some real-world differences here I have to admit every time I saw that ultra wideband logo pop up at the top that’s what you’re gonna see if you’re on the Verizon network I

Just got really excited because it is really that fast and I just can’t imagine what it’s like to use this on a day-to-day basis with 5g live all the time so let’s talk about some of the downsides on my experience with 5g and I

Think the biggest thing about it right now is that it’s too early it’s in its infancy so the commercial rollout is happening only in a few cities this network is really not built out the way it’s supposed to be quite

Yet so the experience is gonna be different down the line with millimeter-wave it did depend on where I was standing maybe if I was standing behind a light post or something like that it did affect it sometimes the

Connection we’re cut in and out but that’s just because it’s not robust enough yet to kind of handle that switchover so once all these nodes come up sub 6 gigahertz and everything starts working together should be a seamless

Experience also if you notice in these speed tests you’ll see that the upload link is still in 4G so that 5g upload transition has not happened yet it will happen eventually but as of right now the upload is still in 4G of course

There are debates about the safety of 5g and I don’t really want to get into that here but I want to point you to Linus’s video he did a really good job on the myths of 5g and if it’s safe or not I think you should watch that video

Because he does a really good job of breaking that down so if you’re concerned about 5g I would definitely check out that video after the glimpse I got in Chicago I’m really hyped for it I can imagine phones tablets and

Computers being connected but also other things as cars drones cameras medical equipment I mean the possibilities are endless so let me know what do you think about 5g looking at these speeds and just using it it really just blew my

Mind because these are the type of speeds that we dreamed about in the home and now we’re getting that in the wild what I want to know is would you pick up a Samsung Galaxy S 10 5g today based on what you saw and if 5 G’s live in your

City let me know in the comment section below or do you want to wait for the note 10 I’m sure there’s gonna be a note n 5g variant as well so give me a thumbs up if you enjoyed this subscribe for more content like this and I will see

You guys in the next one

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