SBC Digital India Is Finally Getting Around To Real Money Gaming

SBC Digital India, like everyone, will be holding their conference and exhibition online. One of the key topics for discussion is going to be that of real money gaming. SBC Digital will be providing a thorough analysis of the potential that the real-money gaming (RMG) industry has in the country. The two-day conference will be held on 27th and 28th January where they will be discussing topics like online skill gaming, land-based casinos, and Esports.

Role Of Sports In Real Money Gaming Business

The line-up for the conference features 60 senior executive speakers who will share bits of knowledge on the local industry and the opportunities that global organizations have in India. The first day of the gathering will stress on the role of sports in the RMG real money gaming business. The fantasy sports market in India has developed extensively and a session has been planned to talk about the subsequent stages for the business’ future.

There will be a panel that will discuss the positives and negatives of having a proper regulated betting market for the game of Cricket. Horse racing, online gambling and the future of Esports in India are few topics that are said to be discussed during the conference. Sessions addressing the role of professional athletes as brand ambassadors will also be held. While the second day of the conference will pay attention to the gaming industry and market.

Day Two’s plan highlights sessions dissecting the potential for the extension of land-based casinos, the fate of lotteries, and the potential for online poker platforms. There will be a board committed to talking about the lawfulness of online skill gaming and the bans imposed by specific states. The event will conclude with a focus on some of the factors concerning growth of RMG.

Founder and CEO of SBC, Rasmus Sojmark said,

“SBC Digital India will give businesses the insights they need to find the best opportunities for their growth. It will also provide them with valuable information about the key legal, product, operational, and marketing challenges which they are likely to face.”

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