Should you ever complete with Aces when the Button limps?

Should you ever just complete the Small Blind with Aces after a limp from the Button? Our friends Dara and David from The Chip Race discuss that in their latest strategy video. They discuss a hand Dara played three-handed against recent WSOP disqualified finalist Upeshka De Silva.

Dara makes the cases that this is a low frequency play you should do now and then to protect your overall completing range. However, it does create problems when the Big Blind checks behind and you are up against two very wide ranges, which happens here.

They also discuss the merits of leading out on the flop, tells you can look for three handed, the impact of Button Antes and what you can make of the hands Villain shows when you fold.

Dara consults PokerSnowie and Holdem Resources Calculator to get the solver view on this hand at the end.

[embedded content]

This clip is from the award winning Chip Race Podcast which is sponsored by Unibet.

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