Sports wagering legislation looks to take implementation slow

DEADWOOD, S.D. (KOTA) – Last November, South Dakota voters approved legalized sports betting. Now it’s up to the state legislature to figure out how to implement it.

Amendment B, for sports wagering, was brought forward last year to keep Deadwood and South Dakota competing with surrounding states and other gambling destinations.

According to Gamblers Pick, Iowans have spent record dollars on sports betting in the last few months, and in December, they wagered over $100 million.

Here in South Dakota, a bill, Senate Bill 44, is being brought forward to start with this form of gambling strictly in Deadwood.

”We think that the approach of the administration is to kind of take it slow,” said Mike Rodman, Deadwood Gaming Association’s executive director. “Make sure that we can properly implement sports wagering and that they can properly regulate it before we expand it elsewhere.”

Rodman and others agree with the gradual approach, but also hope to have sports wagering in place in Deadwood by the summer.

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