Sugarhouse’s Super Bowl 55 MVP Odds Promise Huge Bet Returns

Two rounds of action are still to be played before we reach Super Bowl LV, but that means even greater winnings are available to any bettors able to predict the 2021 MVP ahead of time.

Wagers will be coming in thick and fast as we build towards the crescendo of this NFL campaign, and Sugarhouse offers NJ bettors one market with a chance for particularly big profit. Winning a Super Bowl on its own is its own reward, but the occasion’s Most Valuable Player could provide extra icing on the cake for anyone who performs particularly well come February 7 2021.

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes won the award in 2020 after guiding the franchise to its first title in half a century, and he’s the current +300 frontrunner to be named ‘Best In Show’ one year on:

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Only two players have been named Super Bowl MVP in successive years since the award debuted in 1967, and Pittsburgh Steeler icon Terry Bradshaw was the last to accomplish that feat in 1979-80.

The two top-seeded teams from this year’s NFL regular season—the Chiefs (14-2) and the Green Bay Packers (13-3)—are the sportsbooks’ picks to contest this Super Bowl LV. As such, Packers shot-caller Aaron Rodgers isn’t far behind Mahomes as a +525 pick for the MVP gong.

Kansas City are the most prominently represented team in the market with four players among the top 15 betting options—Mahomes, Tyreek Hill (+1600), Travis Kelce (+1800) and Tyraan Mathieu (+4000).

SugarHouse NJ Super BowlSugarHouse NJ Super Bowl

Sugarhouse offers a total of 48 candidates for the prize, and Los Angeles Rams cornerback Jalen Ramsey is the longest dark horse of any to be named Super Bowl MVP at +30000. The chances of that upset seem all but impossible given the Rams’ difficult route to the Super Bowl and the fact only one cornerback has ever won the award (Larry Brown in 1996)—but a Lamar Jackson turn-up at +1100 doesn’t sound as far-fetched.

Like the Rams, the Baltimore Ravens also share a difficult path to the Super Bowl, but 2019 NFL MVP Jackson is looking like the man to lead them there after securing his first play-off win with last week’s 20-13 victory over the Tennessee Titans:

There are few among us who doubt Jackson’s peerless talents as a running quarterback, though some questions perhaps remain about his passing ability in clutch circumstances.

Fans can rest assured Jackson has the mental capacity to accomplish great things, particularly as his team-centric attitude is precisely what one would desire in a leader:

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The 24-year-old Florida native is by far the best bet to win Super Bowl MVP in the event of a Ravens victory. Baltimore tight end Mark Andrews is the only other team-mate who features among the market’s top 25 picks at +12500 odds, while running-back JK Dobbins hopes to surprise from way out at +15000.

The franchise is slight underdogs to beat the Buffalo Bills in Saturday’s divisional playoff (Jan. 16), after which they’ll likely have to be defending champions the Chiefs to reach the Super Bowl. Do that and Jackson could well be the favorite to take the individual prize come Super Bowl LV, but bettors will want to strike while the odds are hot.

Prediction: Lamar Jackson to be named Super Bowl LV MVP (+1100)

Super Bowl LV MVP Highlights by SugarHouse NJ

Super Bowl LV MVP


Patrick Mahomes (Chiefs)


Aaron Rodgers (Packers)


Josh Allen (Bills)


Drew Brees (Saints)


Lamar Jackson (Ravens)


Tom Brady (Buccaneers)


Tyreek Hill (Chiefs)


Travis Kelce (Chiefs)


Davante Adams (Packers)


Jared Goff (Rams)


Stefon Diggs (Bills)


Michael Thomas (Saints)


Taysom Hill (Saints)


Tyraan Mathieu (Chiefs)


Baker Mayfield (Browns)


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