Switching To Multiple Spots At +3

First off, it isn’t easy to do in these covid times. More than half the casinos in my rotation now have plexiglass dividers between players, which means that very often when you sit down you only have access to one single spot, sometimes two depending on how they have partitioned things off.

But, back in pre-covid times (which hopefully some day we will be in again), as 21forme said this was a big “tell” in Vegas. I am not sure if this was a bigger “tell” in Vegas than other places, or Vegas just seemed to let you know they didn’t appreciate it more than other locations. :rolleyes:

But the way it works is that shortly after you switch to multiple hands a pit dude will come over and start flipping through the discard tray looking to see if many small cards came out just before you spread to multiple hands. Not exactly subtle.

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