The festive edition of this mini Jelly Belly game makes a perfect stocking stuffer

Spin the BeanBoozled spinner, and it tells you which type of Jelly Belly to eat. If you grab a Stink Bug or a Spoiled Milk, you’ve been BeanBoozled – and ruined your appetite for Christmas dinner. BeanBoozled: Naughty or Nice? also comes without the spinner – just purchase a box of BeanBoozled jelly beans. The small, 1.6-ounce box is discounted right now at $2.12 and is the perfect size to stuff in a stocking. Download the free BeanBoozled app, and you don’t need a spinner.

Several of the reviews posted on the Jelly Belly website recommend BeanBoozled for Christmas. One reviewer said her seven-year-old cousin loved the weird jelly beans. A reviewer named Katrina said her favorite flavor was Stink Bug, and she was looking forward to fooling people at Christmas – which makes you wonder what other traditions Katrina’s family might have during the season of alleged giving and joy.

Jelly Belly applies serious science to create all those horrible flavors. Lab technicians analyze the vapors coming off actual gross things, such as stinky socks (via Mental Floss). One exception is the vomit flavor, which was born from a failed attempt to get the cheese right in what would have been a legitimate pizza-flavored Jelly Belly. Anyhow, if you have a seven-year-old cousin or the sense of humor of one, then BeanBoozled might just be the right stocking stuffer for you.

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