The one essential lottery question that everyone wants to know


Everyone asks me the same question: “How can I win more often?”

The answer is simple.

The lottery is just numbers. So if you play more, you’ll win more. Don’t make the mistake that most people do when they are on a budget and play with fewer tickets.

You should always try to play with the maximum number of tickets you can afford each game. Wait a few games if you need to, so you can save up and get the maximum number of tickets.

But if you want to see how you can play 4,200 lines for the same price as 14 lines, go here:

Here’s some tips for winning more often:

– Concentrate on one game only. You won’t have the same success if you dilute your money over several games. A single-minded purpose is the secret of many winners.

– Use LottoPredict. This low-cost subscription chart predicts when you should play with a simple red and green ‘traffic light’ system:

Play lotto games that have lower payouts. This generally means that they have higher win odds because they have smaller number selections and balls. I generally don’t recommend that you play the large ball/number games like Powerball or Mega Millions unless you use my PRO Custom Profiles which are developed especially for that purpose:

– If money is tight at the moment, my system is designed so that you can play a small number of lines and still have an excellent chance of reducing your odds. There is no set number or situation, but what the System does is bring you into the area of high wins for very little money.

Use these tips and you’ll win more often, no question about it.

Hey Ken,

When I won $85,700 with 5 prizes in the xxxxxxxx game … I wondered if I should tell you because I don’t want to share my luck with anyone else. So if you can not release that game in your newsletter then you got my permission to tell anyone about my wins with the pro.

Jarred S.

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