The special way of thinking from poker players because of greed

Opinions are known to vary, but some poker players continue to surprise with very specific views because they are just too greedy

We at YourPokerDream always try to see things very objectively and even if it is also about money for us, it is important not to see things emotionally. Of course, you should expect the same from a professional poker player. In most cases, however, an objective assessment is lacking in well over half of all professional players.

The main problem here is simply the greed for more and more profit, so that certain things are simply no longer viewed objectively.

We would like to address some topics and examples in more detail in this article and evaluate them objectively.

180k confiscated and Tobias Duthweiler’s GGPoker player account blocked

The whole poker community and of course we have reported on the case of Tobias Duthweiler and the blocking of his GGPoker player account. Certainly, this is a very annoying issue for the player. But you should take a look at the clear facts that speak a different language.

The player was officially blocked by the GG security team in 2016 via Natural8 and received the information that he is no longer wanted as a player in the entire GG network and that his player account has been blocked. He has this email and has also posted it himself in the 2 + 2 forum. So far everything is clear. Whether you like it or not, you have to accept it, as the provider has the house right.

Now an absolute high roller who knows his way around the scene comes back to the tables after 4 years, pays in $ 50,000 and really claims he didn’t know that Natural8 is not part of the GGPoker network? That alone raises some questions and is very difficult to believe. Something like this might be expected from a beginner who has absolutely no idea, but not from a professional.

Of course, the security system should have worked earlier, which might have happened if it had been the same e-mail and the same home address. You can argue about that and it certainly went suboptimally, but that doesn’t change anything in itself. It is a fact that the general terms and conditions of the GG network were clearly violated and the player was informed about his suspension. Just because he did not inquire properly and, according to his own statement, did not know that the player also applies to GGPoker, is definitely not GG’s fault.

In addition, the player got his deposit back in the amount of 50k and the winnings were paid out to the players concerned. So you have to leave the church in the village and just look at the tough facts. GGPoker didn’t go wrong here.

The topic of bumhunting and the terms and conditions of GGPoker to ensure a fair player field

Again, it’s about the GG network. There are clear guidelines that are publicly available to every player. You may like them or not, you have to stick to them. Now there are some players who call this rule so unfair and idiotic.

What should be unfair about it? Indeed, is it unfair for the poker room to want all players to play against each other and not just look for fish? Is it really unfair if some poor poker pros can only pay out 5-10k per month instead of 30k? Is it really unfair to protect casual gamers from being broke after 1 hour?

Friends you have to stay realistic and not always look at yourself. Of course, you’d rather earn 30k a month than just 10k. It’s all well and good, but this background doesn’t automatically mean that the provider is so unfair and that everything sucks. You have all noticed by now that the golden days are over when money is only printed like that. You have to arrive in reality.

At PokerStars there is no rakeback, at PartyPoker or the wpn network the field of players is too tough for you, at Unibet and iPoker not enough traffic and at GGPoker no bumhunting is allowed. There is always something to complain about and there will NEVER be the perfect poker room where you can play 600 million tables at the same time, the fish are just waiting, preferably 100% rakeback and watch a series while playing and with your mother to phone. The money printer is running and the pockets are full!

Of course, we would also prefer it if this rule did not exist when it comes to bumhunting, because some of our players would do more action, and we would have higher deserves. But that’s the way it is and you have to honestly say that it is good for the general pool of players and makes sense from the point of view of the poker room. A poker room or network is a company and has to look at the bigger picture.

Just because some of you earn a few thousand euros less doesn’t mean things are bad.

Use of a HUD and other tools

The subject of HUD is also something that numerous players are still completely unapologetic about. But even here the matter is actually relatively simple and understandable. It can’t be the goal of a provider to make the game even more artificial than it already is. What does a provider get if they allow numerous programs that make it even easier for professional gamers to find and eviscerate the fish? Here, too, we come back to the fact that the golden days are over. The player pool is no longer as large as it used to be, which is also due to different regulations in the individual countries.

Is the poker room nasty and unfair if it prohibits the use of a HUD and other tools? With live poker in the casino there is no HUD and special tools. Then why does it have to be in online poker? The answer is the same again: you wanted to make more money and more and more. It is sad that a large number of players actually get nothing baked without a HUD and special tools. This has nothing to do with a normal and natural game.

It is completely understandable that the poker rooms are gradually following the same path to make the game more natural again.


We are the first to publicly express criticism when a poker room makes any idiotic decisions, or when something is simply not transparent. Objective reporting is very important to us. But there are also things like the points mentioned in this article, where we have to give the providers some support.

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