The Worst Blackjack Games In Downtown Las Vegas

As 2020 came to an end we looked at two Bonus Spin blackjack side bets. While there’s a new version of this bet, Bonus Spin Xtreme, the original version is still in casinos.

While surveying Las Vegas casino games Vegas Advantage noticed the original game was available at four casinos in downtown Las Vegas. The game made the list of the Worst Las Vegas Blackjack Games in Las Vegas casinos this year.

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The following casinos have Bonus Spin blackjack games in downtown Las Vegas:

  • Binion’s
  • Four Queens
  • Fremont
  • Golden Nugget

The house edge for all of the games is similar. However, there’s one difference that makes the Bonus Spin blackjack game not as bad in two of the casinos.

Theoretical Losses

Two of the four casinos offer a lower minimum bet for their Bonus Spin blackjack game. In theory, the lower wager makes those Bonus Spin blackjack games the better choice. This makes sense as the lower minimum bet has a lower theoretical loss per hand.

Unlike some other casinos around the country, the four Las Vegas casinos require bettors to make a Bonus Spin bet for every hand. The $1 forced side bet crushes the house edge in the game for all of the casinos. However, the theoretical loss is lower at the two casinos with the lower minimum wager.

$5 Minimum Bet + $1 Bonus Spin (house edge: 4.4%)
Four Queens

$10 Minimum Bet + $1 Bonus Spin (house edge: 3.9%)
Golden Nugget

The house edge for all four games is similar with just one-half of a percent difference. Vegas Advantage explains how they come up with the house edge for the four games if you’re curious.

However, the games with the higher house edge at Binion’s and Four Queens is probably the better Bonus Spin blackjack game. Players are only required to wager a total of $6 at Binion’s and Four Queen’s. The other casinos require at least an $11 wager.

Since Binion’s and Four Queens allow a lower wager, those are the better option to play. If a player is going to risk $10 or more they might as well play the Bonus Spin blackjack game with the lower house edge at the Fremont or Golden Nugget.

Side bets can be a fun option for a recreational gambler looking to spice up their blackjack experience. If the player is a low roller, the option to play the version of Bonus Spin blackjack with the lower required wager would be the wiser choice.

Another Bad Blackjack Game In Downtown Las Vegas

There’s plenty of good blackjack games in downtown Las Vegas. The four Bonus Spin blackjack games above are the worst because they force players to make a side bet. This just increases the house edge.

Downtown Grand is home to another bad blackjack game in downtown Las Vegas. It’s the only casino in the area that offers a $1 blackjack game.

The $1 blackjack game at Downtown Grand pays only even money for a blackjack. The house edge in this game is just over 2.9%.

The good news is that Downtown Grand has $5 blackjack 3:3 blackjack games. I’ve enjoyed this game in between the early and late happy hours across the street at Pizza Rock. The dealers at Downtown Grand are always fun and the casino never gets too busy so there’s not as much noise as casinos at the Fremont Street Experience.

Note: Downtown Grand may have limited casino hours. Visit for current hours.

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