Tony G resigns from Parliament

Tony G resigns from Parliament

When live poker gets back to normal it might be a whole lot more interesting in 2021 as it looks like Tony G is coming back.

It appears his six years in Lithuanian politics is at an end as he has resigned from the Lithuanian Parliament yesterday, with a view to returning to business and poker.

The Baltic Times reported that not being able to see eye to eye with Labour Party chairman Viktor Upaskich was the final straw for Tony.

Negreanu has improved, says Polk

Last night Doug Polk ended a five match winning streak from Daniel Negreanu in fine style, winning $119,609 over 600 hands and taking his overall profit to $603,683.

One of the strangest thing about this whole challenge is that the hatchet between the two men has been buried considerably and this week we saw Polk do something nobody expected, he praised KidPoker’s game.

It seems he thinks Negreanu has improved greatly since the start of the challenge and suggests any edge he enjoyed over him is getting lower by the day:

The ultimate bad beat?

We have seen our fair share of crazy bad beats in Bad Beat Jackpot games but this really must have stung.

A Reddit user posted that the Bad Beat Jackpot in his local casino hit when he was in the bathroom meaning that he missed out on a piece of the $53,000 jackpot.

As one poster commented, had he stayed at the table the dealer would have dealt out two more cards and as such the Bad Beat Jackpot hands would never have been dealt, so he can take comfort in the fact he would never have won any money.

Came back from the bathroom to see the bad beat hit for 53k at my table. Missed out on the table share, most expensive bathroom break I’ve ever taken. from r/poker

OK maybe this is worse

Not a poker story but it’s a Crypto story so most of you will realise how insane this is.

Stefan Thomas has a hard drive with $240 million in Bitcoin on, but he has forgotten his password. He now has two attempts to input his password or the Bitcoin will self destruct.

He is now appealing for help from the tech community to try and find a way to find his password before attempting the last two tries.

Has a lost password ever cost you money? Let us know in the comments:

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