Vacationing back home to Vegas

Hey everyone,

Going back home to Vegas in August to celebrate my Dirty 30! Staying 10 days. I play BJ for fun but also to make money haha duh. I don’t count cards or know any terms or theories like seasoned vets. I’ve been to my local PNW casinos and play when I have $300-$600 to spare so the the wife and I can play BJ.

How much money should WE bring to Vegas? I want to start saving up now. We’ll be staying at Planet Hollywood as it’s our favorite hotel casino. We just want to have a good as time and enjoy ourselves while playing BJ and Slots. But MOSTLY BJ. I would love to go back home in the Green or break even.

Also, what’s the minimum bet amounts and what’s the shoe like? The casino I frequent near me has 8 deck shoe and dealer shuffles the deck. Just a few tables have the auto shuffle. So I avoid those type of tables.

Any casinos you recommend we hit on or off the strip? Any casinos that are worth playing BJ?

Any other tips or advice for us? It’ll be the first time we ever jumped in the shark tank and did BJ in vegas so I’m kind of nervous ????????????????

Thanks for the advice and help!

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