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Visa cards

When you sign up at any reputable online sports betting site, you will have a host of banking options to choose from. While we recommend Bitcoin betting deposits over all other methods (as these come with no added fees and are the only way to claim same-day payouts from international sportsbooks), Visa is still the most accessible method for most users. When you deposit with Visa, you have four options:

Visa Credit Cards

Visa credit cards are the go-to for the majority of bettors. These come with added fees that are between 3% and 7% at most books, though sports betting sites will often waive all fees associated with your very first Visa deposit. (You may also incur an additional small fee for international transactions, which is levied by your bank, not your legal online sportsbook.)

That said, Visa gambling restrictions occasionally interrupt your deposits, per the UIGEA. About 5% of all Visa sports betting deposits are declined.

If this happens, you can wait about 15 minutes and try again, or you can use a different deposit option. Please note that if your Visa deposit is rejected, you have broken no laws and have done nothing wrong, and your card has not been deactivated.

Visa Debit Cards

Visa debit cards will work at all major US sportsbooks that accept Visa, but they can have the same issues with the UIGEA that Visa credit cards do. As a result, about one transaction in 20 will likely be hung up due to the banking regulation’s red tape.

As with credit cards, Visa debit cards – when declined – are not disabled, and you can either try again in a few minutes or use a different banking option.

The same transfer fees apply when using Visa debit cards as they do for Visa credit cards, including possible international fees charged by your issuing bank. Again, most sportsbooks will waive any fees for new members’ first Visa debit deposits.

Visa Prepaid Cards

All the best online sportsbooks that support Visa deposits also allow you to top off your account with Visa prepaid cards (i.e. Visa secured credit cards).

That said, there is no single best prepaid Visa card for online gambling, as they all work the same way, and all US banks abide by the same rules.

Thus, the rejection rate for prepaid Visa cards is in line with those for credit and debit deposits. Additionally, the same general fee structure applies, though first-time depositors will often have these covered by their legal online sportsbooks.

Visa Gift Cards

If you’re going to use a Visa product to fund your online sportsbook betting, the best option is to go with a Visa gift card. The books listed on this page are all reputable, trusted betting sites that accept Visa gift cards.

The Visa gift card deposit process is identical to the above methods. That is, you simply click or tap the Visa option on your site’s Cashier page and enter the gift card’s number, and your account will be credited instantly.

While we don’t have any particular favorites when it comes to the best Visa gift card for online gambling on sports, it’s important to note that you can only use those gift cards which are rated for international transactions.

Since sports gambling sites that accept Visa gift cards are all based outside of the US, you must make sure the card you choose is good for international purchases.

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