What is your opinion on BetOnline.AG black jack? Any personal experiences?

Hello everyone,

I am a terrible blackjack player, but I am slowly getting better by learning about basic strategy and reading the content in this sub-reddit.

With that being said, I have only played black jack online. I have yet to go to a casino in person and play due to covid. My only experience with black jack is at BetOnline.AG. I play single-deck blackjack with the following rules:

  1. one deck

  2. only double on 10 and 11

  3. dealer must hit soft 17

  4. BJ pays 3 to 2

  5. insurance is allowed when dealer holds an Ace

  6. I bet between $1 and 5$ per hand

  7. I have currently played 2100 hands at $1 to $5 bets, with a win rate of 32.5% (11/7/20)

Does anyone in this subreddit have any personal experience playing on BetOnline? The reason I ask is because I am getting railed. If I play a 200 hand session, I will go on a 8 hand losing streak at least three times throughout the session. At first I thought this was because I am a total noob, but even after constant practice and reading about strategy, I am starting to see some bullshit patterns.

I also found out this morning, that back in 2017, BOL literally had a black jack scandal with their “live dealer” black jack format in which the dealer himself was caught on camera cheating.

  1. Do you guys think BetOnline is safe for black jack?

  2. What’s the best website/online casino to use for blackjack?

Best of luck,


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