Why Did The Vegas Golden Knights Partner With A Mexico-Based Tout?

Plenty of professional teams have gambling-related partnerships, but nothing like what the Vegas Golden Knights just announced.

The NHL‘s Las Vegas-based franchise became the first US professional team to sign a sports betting tout as a partner. The Golden Knights signed a multi-year agreement with Mexico-based UpickTrade to be the team’s official sports pick service partner.

The agreement includes an unspecified in-game feature and in-arena branding. The team will also feature the brand on its web and social platforms.

“We are thrilled to partner with UpickTrade.com and become the first professional sports franchise to partner with a sports recommendation service,” said Golden Knights VP of Global Partnerships Mike Mungiello. “We are hopeful our fanbase will make UpickTrade.com a part of their sports pick betting process.”

UpickTrade CEO Carlos Lazo Reyes – whose website opens with a banner that says “Make a Living Off of Sports!” – called the partnership a “historic moment in the sports betting world.”

Why did Vegas Golden Knights partner with a tout?

LSR reached out to both the NHL and the Vegas Golden Knights for more information and for comments on the agreement.

Neither organization responded yet to those requests.

That could be because both organizations were inundated with media requests following the announcement. Most reactions to the agreement were less-than-flattering across social media.

Sports betting Twitter unites against agreement

Sports betting Twitter rarely unites to agree on one topic. A professional US team partnering with a tout service seemed to be the bridge to connect all sides.

Details on UpickTrade

The Guadalajara-based company doesn’t include a ton of information on its website.

UpickTrade launched in December 2017 and has had more than 6,000 clients worldwide who “changed their perspective and are now making a living off of sports,” according to the website.

The tout charges $89 a month per league for its services. Users can select either recommended picks or data that lets them make their own picks.

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