Why Online Gambling Companies Need to Incorporate Bitcoin SV

The gambling industry has a lot to gain by adopting Bitcoin SV, and they can learn how at CoinGeek Live. Jimmy Nguyen talks about what you can expect to see with CoinGeek’s Rebecca Liggero.

“You want to be Netflix, you do not want to be Blockbuster,” Nguyen says in regard to why the industry needs to focus on blockchain and cryptocurrencies the likes of Bitcoin SV. He notes that blockchain has been slow to achieve mass adoption due to the complexity as well as the tension of having too many choices in the space. “The reason there can be this fast inflection point where things change is that blockchain technologies can bring about far better greater efficiencies.”

Nguyen discusses the middleman aspect that is cutting into profit.

“You can be far more profitable if you have a money system where I can send you directly anywhere in the world in the form of Bitcoin. And on our network (Bitcoin SV) it only costs one-one hundredth of a US cent right now.”

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Live from studios in both New York and London experts from the iGaming industry gather to talk about the way forward for the casinos across the world. The conference will, naturally, be virtual but it is far more than just ‘Zoom-heads’ on a black background. This panel will not only offer interaction and questions form delegates but also be broadcast live from The Manhattan Studio (NYC) and Kennington Studios (London) from 10:15am EST on Friday, October 2nd with registration available here.

– Aaron Goldstein, Gambling911.com

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