Why is there an assembly line of so called ‘players’ on the Live VIG Blue Blackjack table that continue to play on there?

I literally open that shit up now to feel better about myself for not doing it anymore if I’m feeling doubtful. Earlier today I saw an entire ‘shoe’ if you want to even call 7 hands dealt out of ‘6 decks’ packed with Jacks and Queens and an A9 in there straight through to the cut card and reshuffle, to do it all over again. I dunno, maybe it’s just me I guess, but if blackjack is a game where you get 7 hands, and each time the dealer is going to have a ten – ten every hand, and then it just starts over again like that, I wouldn’t want to play that game. It’s just a lousy game that you can’t win at.

Also, you can only join one or two tables, and they’re always full. Even a layman could arrange 6 decks of cards in a very specific manner knowing that n players never changes. Crazy shit. I’m really grateful to God and family for getting me this far to the point where I dug myself out of diarrhea before it being too late.

SoBayed dude literally 20 every time, in fact I’m gonna open it up now just to make sure I’m not delusional and making this up.

I’m waiting for a ride to atlantic city, and if i sit down and play blackjack, and they cut the cards in half and the contents of said cards are always favoring the house, i’ll never play cards again period. I just don’t know if my counting skills will have a similar effect at a real game; it’s been nearly 3 years.

And oh yeah, almost forgot, the dealers. Their behavior when they’re taking everyones money over and over again hand after hand in the most unfavorable ways where the player has very little chance of a come back, laughing and smiling as if that’s the outcome everyone was wanting or waiting for or something. Man the whole thing is really bad dude. Like haha dude, yeah we had 6/7 hands of this shoe be 20, and now i have a A-9, hooray! Let’s celebrate, and laugh! Wooo!! Losing money, yeah! Heehaww!! Some other kind of reality man

And oh yeah, forget about watching. I played on there for months mid 2020 like a brain damaged asshole, and deserved to lose my money being that fucking stupid and having to learn only the hard way always. I remember having to sit through DOZENS and DOZENS of shoes and dealers, for hours and hours and hours until breaking even at least, playing a PERFECT fucking game not making a SINGLE mistake because I gave a shit, like an asshole. wasting my fucking time on complete nonsense

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