You Said It, Jan. 17, 2020

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Grand Junction should be so proud of doing the right thing by supporting Catholic Outreach and the people they serve. With all the awful things going on in our world, this is just unbelievably right and just. Way to go, Grand Junction!

Herb Bacon, thank you for my first job upon returning to Grand Junction after college. Thank you for your amazing lectures on your travels. You were truly an inspiration.

Please, city of Grand Junction, invest in our youth, buy the ice rink. Add onto it for a community center!

Are the pathways paralleling South Camp Road for pedestrians, bicyclists or both?

Good idea to drill in the pristine wilderness of the North Fork Valley. Ridiculous.

Two words to add to high school vocabulary study list: sedition and ignominious.

In 1863 Edward Everett Hale published a story called “The Man Without a Country.” Perhaps it is time to dust it off and make it required reading.

Thank you, anonymous City Market employee, who spied the credit card I dropped a few weeks ago in the dairy department at the 24 Road store and turned it in to the service desk. The card must have fallen out of my pocket when I answered a robocall about my car’s extended warranty expiring. Your honesty and integrity is admirable.

Does the Grand Junction City Council really need to reinvent the wheel by raising all of the issues like pot shops and a community center? Why not just compile information from the dozens of towns around here that have been successful with these endeavors.

How does moving a proposed recreation center to Lincoln Park become a more reasonable endeavor than Matchett Park? I envision epic gridlock when you have multiple events happening — JUCO, pool users, golfers, pickleballers, etc., all vying for parking spots plus the traffic issues. So let’s add a busy, sprawling community center to this nightmare?

It is sad to see so much cardboard, plastic and glass on garbage day in the cans waiting for pickup by the street. Let alone the Styrofoam we are all contributing to the landfill in to-go containers for food, etc. We are lucky to have an excellent recycle facility, as well as local businesses that will pick up your recyclables. Google it and see how safe Styrofoam is.

The Fruita City Council approved an application for a new RV park with 142 spaces, but continues to ignore our need for another grocery store. It’s hard to socially distance in our existing store that is way too small for our growing community without bringing more people in to shop there.

Thank you to the person(s) who removed the dead raccoon on G 7/10 Road. I don’t have to fight my dog to stay away from it now; much appreciated.

A few things I’ve learned in my 67 years. The saying “thoughts and prayers” and “we will never forget” are two things that should never be said again. We forget very easily. And there is no such thing as a peaceful protest.

Follow the money! Who’s paying for these long hospital stays? If this happened in 2019, no one could have dreamed the insurance companies or Medicare would pay for 45 days in ICU. So what happened in 2019 when the money ran out? You were sent home to die or survive. Now, the hospitals are paying over $100 an hour to nurses and no hurry to get anyone out on the street, ergo no room in hospitals. Why? I think it’s because the government is paying, like a broken slot machine.

To the gentleman who suggested we cut out bus service from Grand Junction: You must have your own car. Don’t forget about the folks who don’t have their own car!

For those who complain about potholes and speeders: If we put more potholes in, people won’t be able to speed as much!

Since World War II our grandparents, parents and ourselves have been beating our chests, constantly saying we are the greatest country in the world, and we are doing the same to our children. Turning them into us. Maybe its time to stop. Maybe we should concentrate on our own backyards instead of trying to convince and turn other countries into us. Because it’s not working.

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